Welcome to the Shoe Party

Danielle Magee...aka “The Shulady” is founder & owner of TappeDown Shoewear.  Danielle has been selling shoes and accessories for nine years, at one point she operated her own storefront.  In addition she assisted her son with the startup of his own t-shirt line TAG (Talented and Gifted).  She travels twice a year to the World Shoe Association to meet shoe manufacturers and designers from all over the world.  The Shulady can be seen throughout the state at women’s conferences and holiday bazaars. She’s currently designing new t-shirts and working on her own shoe line “His Word”as well.

When she’s not out buying shoes and accessories, she feeds the homeless, works with local shelters and donates shoes and purses, she’s an active member and President of the Tacoma Urban League Young Professionals, she’s always thinking of new ways to create streams of income, supporting her son in college and giving back to her community.  She is Director of Sales for the semi-pro team Tacoma Thunder, where she manages merchandising and finances.

Thank You for stopping by. Enjoy your purchase. Thank you for supporting small business.